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In general, "Guliver" begun its tradition in the year 1980. They produced leather accessories protected under the name "Chameleon". Product, which initially covers a small part of the market over the years takes all the stronger positions on the whole Croatian market in the production of women's fashion accessories.

In 1990 it changed its name to "Guliver" based on their already affirmed reputation in fashion, it begun to deal also In the shoe trade, today the name represents an exclusive line on the Croatian market.

"Guliver currently owns ten retail stores, of which three are located in Split, three in Zagreb, one in each of the cites-Sibenik, Zadar Osijek in Rijeka.

We have our own production, sold trough our retail network in Croatia and selected overseas venues.

"Guliver" today has 135 employees.

The year 2004 is significant as that year we introduced the ISO Quality System - a 9001/2000 as the convergence of "Guliver a" high European standards.